Indie Authors:: Kobo and eBook Platforms

After finishing a new book on my Kobo thee other day, I came across an author’s note to the reader, thanking me for giving indie authors such as her a chance. I have been buying cheap 1-4 dollar books of my Kobo for months and it never occurred to me that the reason for their cheap prices was due to them being written by indie authors. So I went on an searched up exactly what an indie author was, and from what I understand, they are authors that are self-publishing and self-publish themselves onto Kobo, and other e reading devices and formats.

I think this a great platform for new authors out there. It’s really hard to get an agent, find a publisher, get published, get marketed, and all that shazam. But it’s really nice to see things like Kobo, and other online platforms giving new authors an easier way to get their work out there, and perhaps later be picked up by agents, and official publishing companies. 

With the way that technology is advancing, less and less people are going into stores and browsing selections of books and are rather ordering them online, or resorting to devices such as the Kobo. It’s nice to see that authors are also advancing and taking these online opportunities and making the best out of them. It shows that you don’t always need fancy publishers to start your career for you, but rather you can start it yourself, build your own cliental, and eventually move on to better and bigger opportunities.

I have noticed that in some of these eBooks, that there are some spelling and grammar errors, which I leave down to lack of a proper editor and aren’t that tremendous all things considered. And no not all the books are top notch literature, not all these indie authors are the next John Steinbeck, but that’s why they’re self-publishing, they want to learn so that they can grow to be better authors and I love that Kobo gives all readers the opportunity to write reviews upon completing any novel, and I would hope that these indie authors would take their time to read what their readers have to say. The only way they are going to expand it by taking any criticism, and feedback, and trying to improve, and I think Kobo had given a great platform to do to.



Doggy Balloons for Shoes?!?!

So today I have spent way too much time watching reality shows that I have no real sense of relevant reality to write about. So instead of trying to come up with some blog post that I and no one else for that matter would really care about I thought I would share a really irrelevant picture of my dog in his balloon winter booties.


It’s weird, we sought out a pair of booties for him when his feet started to hurt from all the salt outside, and the only thing we could find were these little blue balloon like things as shoes. Despite his solemn appearance, he actually likes them, once they’ve been put on, and they stay on fairly well as well.

For anyone interested in perhaps buying these for their dog, they are called Pawz and come in a packet of twelve, and they are sold at Walmart.

World’s Strictest Parents:: Beneficial or Harmfull

I’m unaware if this show is new or old, but recently I’ve stumbled upon the World’s Strictest Parents. It’s a British show that takes delinquent teens and sends them to live with really strict parents and their families, to try to change their ways. I’ve only watched maybe 4 episodes, and aside from the fact that I’m hooked to this show, I don’t sometimes agree with how strict the parents are.

I’ve grown up in a household that I suppose I would say way strict, but not as strict as some of these families by far. I think that in a way they’re strictness is really effective to the kids that grew up very spoiled, I mean every kid needs some sort of guidance and a line not to be over stepped. However in real life I have seen the repercussions of both really strict parents, and too lenient parents through my friends and people I have come across.

my parents never really told me what I couldn’t do, yes when I was younger I had rules, and had to ask if I could go somewhere first. but once I went into high school I was never scared to tell them I wanted to go to a party, because I knew that as long as I told them where I was and kept them updated on when I would be home everything would be okay. I’ve never had a curfew and I think it’s because I just text my parents throughout the night to let them know I’m alive, and when I’m coming home. I know what my limits are, and obviously I know that if I came home wasted, or on drugs or whatever the trouble may be, I would be in deep trouble. but I think that what has worked in my life is the fact that I am trusted and in return because I know how good I have it, I don’t want to break that trust out of fear that my privileges would be taken away.

I’ve seen really strict parents, who while have really good kids who do school work and don’t get into trouble, continue to stay really strict. I don’t understand this because if someone is a good kid, why not let them go to that party once in a while? They haven’t done anything to break that trust, so why not trust them to make good decisions. I think those individuals are more likely to rebel because no matter what they do they will never get rewarded with freedom, and figure well I’ll just do it anyways. And then in turn end up getting into more trouble than they would have if the parents had just let them go out in the first place.

This being said I have also seen teens with parents who really don’t try to tell their kids what to do at all. I mean it’s nice that they let them have freedom, but every teen needs guidance and shouldn’t, not have any repercussions in their life. If no one tells someone when enough is enough, then the next level of trouble they get into could wind up in the hands of authority, and had those parents instilled even the slightest bit of fear of punishment in their children, perhaps it wouldn’t have gotten quite so out of hand. it also even makes me angry to see people in my life who I care about do trouble some things, and while their parents will yell at them, they never have any consequences to their yelling, and the kid knows that the anger will never last, so they can just do it again the next day. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying this out of jealousy in the slightest for kids with parents like that; I get genuinely worried for them. Because I can’t do anything to help or stop their destructive paths, and if I and they parents can’t stop them, who can? And how far go to get there?

I suppose I was really lucky with the family I was born into. I have the freedom to make my own choices, but I also know that if I made poor ones, they will have repercussions. I have gotten in trouble a few times in my life, I’m not perfect, but I learned from those mistakes. Some teens feel so constricted from their parents that they can’t or couldn’t wait to leave the house when they turned 18. Me on the other hand, I don’t mind staying home throughout university. I know the older I get, the more freedom I will have, and living at home isn’t like living in a house being watched constantly. I mean I think I’ve turned out okay, and I don’t think I would have wanted to be raised much differently.

Whoa I know this has gone on, on quite a bit of a tangent, but if you haven’t already, give the how the World’s Strictest Parents a shot, and maybe you will see what I’m trying to say upon watching the show.




Since the Tassimo and Keurig first came out, me and my dad relentlessly mocked the silly trend. For someone who drinks 3 cups of coffee before even leaving the house in the morning, the idea of the single cup brewer just didn’t make any sense to my dad’s lifestyle. Me on the other hand, while I do love to feed my coffee addiction, I never really drank coffee at home. I even distinctly remember going through a phase where every night around 8 o’clock I would go to Tim Horton’s just to get a coffee (and I wondered why I could never fall asleep before 1 am). We both had agreed that the Tassimo, while handy, would be a waste of money.  Why spend 12 dollars on 8 cups of coffee when you can spend 9 dollars on a large tin that makes upwards of 30 cups of coffee?

However low and behold, for some strange reason which I still don’t quite understand, we cracked down and bought our self a Tassimo. We debated for weeks whether to go Keurig or Tassimo, but after my aunt showing us her Tassimo, it was decided. 

Now I think we both still think the price per cup is ridiculous, and in no was a money saver, but I honestly don’t care! I never ever would have thought to brew myself a pot of coffee in the morning before class, and not only because I don’t know how to. But since we bought the Tassimo I have pretty much made myself a cup of coffee every morning. Now I was hoping that it would save me money and I would feel less inclined to grab my daily cup of Tim’s at lunch (no I don’t make those 8 pm Tim runs anymore) but rather it simply starts of my coffee kick of the day and makes me drink more… I’m not complaining though.

I think my only complaint about the Tassimo is that the average t-disc, only makes 7 oz. coffee cups, which is fine for someone who didn’t grow up in a house with a mother and father who were coffee feigns. But for someone like me who only owns 15 oz. coffee mugs, I’m always left feeling a little sad when I look at the amount of coffee in my mug. I do however opt for buying the larger t-disc, though harder to find, are worth the hunt. 

I have heard that the Keurig’s biggest one up over the Tassimo is the ability to choose the size of coffee you want, which would be a nice feature to see in the Tassimo, and I would like to witness this feature in the Keurig for myself just to see the comparison. However all this being said I am still extremely satisfied and glad that we caved into the Tassimo lifestyle.  Don’t get me wrong we still own our normal coffee maker, because like I said earlier my dad needs his three cups in the morning before he can work functionally. But for anyone who doesn’t have time to brew themself a pot of coffee every morning, or just wants a cup half way through the day, or in the middle of the night trying to finish that essay due in the morning, I think the Tassimo is a great alternative to the standard coffee maker.

Meanwhile in Toronto…

Unless you haven’t left your house all winter (which i highly recommend), it’s obviously one of the coldest winters we have seen in Toronto in a while. I mean I don’t remember seeing this much consistent snow for at least 4 years. However in Toronto I feel like we have just become to accustomed to the warmer winters, that even the parks weren’t prepared for this winter. Who needs to be sunbathing in Miami, when we can snow bathe in Canada?

ImageMy dad came across these chairs the other day on a walk, and I thought it was too funny not to share. Just a little glimmer of hope for the summer to come. While we are sad and droopy about the cold weather that seems never ending, these colourful chairs and umbrella’s didn’t quite get the memo that summer ended quite awhile ago. Or maybe they’re there to remind us that summer will come soon enough and shed a little light and colour to the dark, white days of summer. I think we should all decorate our lawns with bright chairs to keep our spirits high during this polar vortex of a winter that we are facing.

Life Without a Car

It’s strange, the day that my dad told me that our car had broken down for good, and that it would be a while before we got a new one I literally thought the world had come to an end. And for the first few weeks it had. It was right before Christmas which meant Christmas shopping would be harder, and worst of all we wouldn’t be able to go on nightly drives to look at rich people’s houses Christmas lights (which by the way, I’m still bitter about). It was hard, I hated it, and I couldn’t wait until we got a new car. 

But while the first few weeks felt like hell, and I mean sometimes still do, it’s not quite as bad as I thought it would be. I’m lucky we live in Toronto so taking the bus is more convenient than in other cities, and even though it sucks that it takes so much longer to get from point A to point B, I’ve weirdly adjusted really well. now I’m not saying I still can’t wait for us to get a car again, I don’t like waking up earlier than necessary for school, but I’m kind of okay without one. 

I think its weird how when changes first happen, they really throw us off, but it’s also really easy to adjust to certain situations. It just goes to show that things aren’t always as bad as they seem. I mean we really do take things for granted, but are also really spoiled, because we don’t need aid things to survive. I thought I wouldn’t be able to go without a car for more than a few weeks simply because my entire life, my family always had a car. However I’m kind of glad that this has happened because it really opened my eyes to how spoiled I’ve been my entire life. 

Having a car or not having a car isn’t the end of the world. It’s more of a convenience and a luxury, more than a nessessesity. Daily tasks aren’t that hard to deal with without a car, and if anything I’ve grown not to feel much difference or even like I’m missing something most days. So for anyone out there, who is going through any sort of material loss, give it some time, you will realize that yes you can live without it, and while life may be easier with it, it’s still do-able without it.


Makeup:: Benefit POREfessional Makeup Primer Review

Just under a month ago I found two small sample sizes of Benefit’s POREfessional makeup primers. I couldn’t tell you where I got them, or when I got them but I found them at the bottom of one of my makeup bags, and figured that since I was running out of my other foundation primer I would give it a shot. Thank God I gave them a shot, it’s in my opinion AMAZING.

On my first time using it I notices how soft it felt the second you start to rub it into your skin, and even with the poor lighting that I have in my bedroom, I could see my pores literally being erased. I always moisturize my face before I apply foundation and when I put the primer on after I moisturized I noticed that it gave a mattified look to my skin, without drying it out. It made my foundation glide on, look really natural, and it lasted all day. usually I find that even with primer, half way through my day my makeup starts to settle into my skin, and either look like its cracked apart, or completely run off.

I used this product at 9 this morning, and it’s now 9pm, and my makeup still looks intact. Now I don’t necessarily have large pores, which is what this is targeted to, but I still think it’s a great product for all skin types. Its oil free, gives a silky feel when applied, and can be applied both before, and after your foundation application. When applying before just dab a few dots onto cleansed and moisturized skin, ideally just in your t-zone, to avoid wasting it, rub it in, and then apply the rest of your makeup. If you notice some pores or imperfections after applying your foundation you can slick it onto the desired areas to cover any imperfections. Also if you have really clear skin and don’t normally wear any foundation, it’s really nice just to apply you give your face a mattifying appearance.

The product is slightly pricey, at $36 per full sized tube, but it’s worth it and it will last you a long time. You don’t have to use a lot of it with each application, so as long as you don’t waste it should be able to last you a few months, if not longer. I only had two really small samples and they lasted me nearly a whole month alone, and I wasn’t even trying to use it frugally.

Don’t let the colourful packaging fool you, I’m not the biggest fan of Benefit packaging, however their products are mostly very reliable. I mean we can’t judge a book by its cover right? Anyone looking for a new primer to try out I would honestly recommend giving this a shot, you won’t be disappointed.