Kelsey’s Makeover Review

Recently the popular chain restaurant known as Kelsey’s, in Etobicoke on the Queensway underwent a complete transformation makeover, including both the menu and the decor. Now I’m all about vamping up an old restaurant, and trying to keep up with the demands of a modern society, but I can’t quite say I was totally impressed with their new look. While I personally was never the biggest fan, of Kelsey’s, I’m associated with many people who love the place, and was excited to see what they had done, with the hopes of attaining a changed opinion.

On first impressions the place looks great. They took their boring outdated decor and turned it into a new, modern/rustic mix, complete with a giant beautiful bar, and open concept arrangement. To the eye it seems very aesthetically pleasing, but I was left wondering, is it really practical?

I found that while the place looked great, it wasn’t quite as functional as I believe a restaurant should be. First off I felt as though the waiting area was cramped with little space for people to stand without being thrown straight into the dining area. And due to the large bar, it felt as though that to compensate for the lost dining space, small tables were thrown everywhere in all different directions, in order to fill as much space and accommodate as many people as possible. In theory this makes sense, however in reality it leaves for a mall food court during the holidays feel; too many people, too many sounds and not enough space to breath.

I have to admit, I was grateful for the music being loud enough to hear, but not too loud that you can’t hold a decent conversation with the person in front of you, unlike many hip, upbeat restaurants are these days. That being said, I felt that due to the ultra-modern, clean lines of the furnishings, there were no fabrics to absorb any of the sounds created by fellow food consumers in the restaurant, which ultimately, once again reminded me much of a loud over crowded food court.

Now personally, I can’t complain too much about the food or the service. The staff was wonderful, kind and speedy, and the spinach dip I ordered was fantastic as usual. While I was glad that my personal favourite food choice of the restaurant wasn’t taken off the menu, my partner was not quite as impressed with their meal, feeling as though their Burger was below average. Not horrible, but definitely not something they would try again.

Over all I can’t say that my experience was horrible, but I can’t say that it was quite the experience I had hoped for going into a newly redesigned restaurant either. Some may have enjoyed the cramped, ultra-modern, bar like feel, but others like me looking for a nice dine out on a Saturday evening, may have felt less than wowed.


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