Review:: The Wolf of Wall Street

Lots of drugs, lots of sex, lots of money, and a hell of a great acting job is what to expect when going to see the new movie, The Wolf of Wall Street, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. This movie about a young, and extremely successful stock broker’s journey to the top, was definitely worth the months of waiting for its release. It was funny, serious, and fast moving, all things you would look for going into a nearly three hour long film. The acting was amazing, and the movie was equally as entertaining.

Going into it after just seeing the trailer I worried that perhaps the movie would be slow and cause me to lose interest, like many business based movies do, but none of the above was it.  I was thoroughly entertained throughout the entire movie, from the opening to the closing scenes. While I personally thought that it was slightly more graphic and provocative than completely necessary, the theater was completely packed, even weeks after its release date.

What does that tell me? You may ask. Well that contrary to what we want to believe, sex, drugs and wealth sells.

Now while the film in my opinion was unnecessarily borderline soft porn pornographic, that isn’t the sole reason for its success and at the end of the day it was still a great movie. The acting on all parts of the actors was spot on, and the story line was great. It shows the sleaze and greed in a money hungry world, and it exemplified the power that wealth has over authority, a sad, but realistic truth in today’s society.

For anyone who is interested in wealth, business, humour, and all things Leonardo DiCaprio, I would highly recommend going to see this movie.


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