Moroccan Oil:: The Best Hair Product I Own

Now this product has been around for years, and if you don’t know what it is, you need to know what it is because I strongly believe this product has changed the life of my hair (woah dramatic). Yes the product I am talking about it Moroccan Oil. For those of you who live under a rock, Moroccan Oil is oil that you can put in your hair both wet, and dry, and it makes it smooth, it makes it less tangled, it strengthens it, it gives it shine, it makes it soft, it’s like magic in a glass bottle. And while it is quite pricey, at about $40 dollars for a full size bottle, it is honestly, in my opinion, worth the investment. I’ve tried all different kinds of oil products that claim to be similar to Moroccan Oil, and none of them thus far have given me the same results.

Don’t believe me? Well I’m going to tell you my story of how Moroccan Oil has saved my hair. I’ve always had blond hair, but with age my hair got darker and I just want going to have that. So what did I do? Well I started lightening my hair, a few highlights turned into a lot of highlights, a lot of frizz, a lot of straightening, and a lot of damage, and then one day I told my hairdresser that I wanted to grow my hair really long, because like most teenage girls, tumblr had corrupted me into believing long hair was the only way to have hair and look good in pictures. Well my hairdresser told me that with the amount of processing that I had done to my hair, I would have to choose between long hair or light hair.

Me being the rebel I am, I wasn’t going to choose, I was going to have both, and I was going to prove her wrong. So from that day on I stopped straightening my hair (I went from doing it every day, to maybe once every month or so) and Moroccan Oil became my best friend. I applied it to my hair after every single wash while it was still damp, and then sometimes when it dried if it looked frizzy. And what happened? My hair started to show growth again, and not just in the roots, but it wasn’t breaking off so much anymore!

I remember going to the hairdresser and she was shocked that my hair was longer, and had less damage than ever before. Yes the lack of heat that I was exposing my hair to did aid in that growth process, but it was honestly the oil that made the biggest difference. After running out of Moroccan Oil I decided to try some of the cheaper brands thinking it would do the same thing, but none of them really did. All they did was mask the problem, they added the same shine that Moroccan Oil did, but I was no longer seeing as much growth progress as I did when I was using the Moroccan Oil.

So this past august whilst in New York, I cracked down and bought myself a new bottle of oil, and after not using it for a year, I can honestly say there was an instant change in the overall feel and look of my hair. My hair started to show growth again, and I can even say that it has made me believe that I can now put even more peroxide into my hair, yes I’m getting my hair bleached this coming Thursday, and I’m not as worried about breakage as I once was.

That being said Moroccan Oil will not repair any previous damage that you have, and obviously cannot prevent it completely. However if you are like me and have either processed, dry, or fine, or frizzy hair, I honestly recommend you give Moroccan Oil a chance, because it’s worth it.


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