Real World: Ex-Plosion:: Not so Real anymore?

Today I came to the realization that one of my favourite reality TV shows on MTV, The Real World has returned, and I just couldn’t stop myself from talking about it. I have been a massive fan of this show for years, I actually think that I have seen almost every season, and even after only seeing episode, I have a feeling this season is going to be a juicy one. While I know that reality TV is often scripted and most of the time nothing more than rubbish drama with no real educational purpose to it, I still love, will continue to waste valuable minutes of my life indulging in it.

The Real World is a show that takes 7 strangers, sometimes 8, puts them into a house in a city that varies from season to season and shows “what happens when people stop being nice, and start getting real”. Much like the slogan ensues, the show usually starts off with everyone being really nice, and excited to live with new people, until eventually personalities begin to clash, and the drama begins. However this season entitled,  Real World: Ex-plosion has been filled with drama and fights starting on the first night.

This season based in San Fransisco, has a twist that previous seasons have not tried and that’s, that thirty days into the three month long period that the show is filmed over, every roommate’s ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, will be joining the show. This could  and probably will leave for an extremely silly, but super entertaining train of events, however it all seems a little too planned for my liking. It seems slightly fishy, and too much of a coincidence that already in the first episode, almost every cast member has spoken to or about their ex-boyfriend/girlfriend.  In my opinion this just isn’t something that would be a prominent conversation starter upon first meeting a person, unless you had been coaxed into it. Also another reason to doubt the authenticity of the show is not only that every house mate has an ex, but one who is willing to join the show and live with them, and also that they apparently have “no idea” that they will be joining the show. Perhaps it’s just a job well done on MTV’s part where they’ve been able to hide the true nature of the show from the cast, but perhaps it’s us, the viewers, that MTV is trying to pull the pranks on. 

While I find season premiere extremely entertaining, and I’m extremely excited to see how the rest of the season will pan out, it has made me wonder if the show is becoming less “real” and more like a poorly scripted reality show. The prior two seasons had been lacking in the dramatic department, so perhaps MTV is trying to keep their ratings up by keeping the show more thrilling right off the bat? It’s hard to say for sure, but either way the heat is hot, the guys are hotter, and even with my doubts I can’t wait so see what’s coming next.


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