Books:: Silly Romance Novels for the Young Adult

The transition from someone’s teens into young adult hood is not only a difficult adjustment for your life, but I’ve also found it to be a difficult transition when it came to reading. While I love to read all things literature, sometimes I don’t feel like necessarily reading a genuinely “good” book, yes I’m a sucker for sappy romance novels. However when I was younger I found it much easier to find books that related to me, all I had to do was walk into the teen section at chapters and I had a whole selection of books that I could choose from. But teen high school novels no longer interest me, and I’m also not ready to read books about people finding their significant others, getting married, and having children, I’m more looking for books about young twenty something’s, going to university, talking about life after school, things I as a young adult can relate to.

Unfortunately there really is no section at Chapters labelled young adult silly romance, so I thought it might be a good idea to put together a list of books that I have found and read that are about people either just out of high school, attending university, or just entering the work force. Perhaps this list will be of some aide to those out there just like me looking for silly, and completely unrealistic romance novels, that make all of our hearts swoon.

1)Losing it by Cora Carmack
2) Faking it by Cora Carmack
3) Finding it by Cora Carmack
4) Down to You by M. Leighton
5) One week Girlfriend by Monica Murphy
6) Second Chance Boyfriend by Monica Murphy
7) Wallbanger by Alice Clayton
8) Frigid by J. Lynn
9) Trust in Me by J. Lynn
10) Wait for You by J. Lynn
11) Choosing You by Allie Everhart
12) The Hazards of Skinny Dipping by Alyssa Rose Ivy
13) Out of Line by Jen McLaughlin
14) Out of Time by Jen McLaughlin

Now these aren’t necessarily the types of books I would recommend if you are trying to find some deeper meaning within a piece of literature, but if you are looking for a fun little read to get away from your lives troubles for a few hours, these are a few of the books that I have enjoyed indulging in over the past few months. If anyone else has any suggestions for books of this nature, I would love to hear what others have been reading, and I hope this is helpful for anyone who has had a similar struggle as I.


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