Review:: Intensive Dead Sea Treatment Cleanser

I’ve never really been a strong believer in cleansers, and acne controlling products. I always believed that while they probably could to some degree make a difference,  personally I found that upon the discontinuation of said product, your skin’s condition would just go back to the way it was, if not worsen

This past Christmas however my opinion on cleansers has changed drastically. For the past months I have been a strong believer in the use of coconut oil as a face wash, and for me I saw great results as far as acne, and the hydration of my skin went. However when my friend gifted me with a cleanser by a company line called Intensive Dead Sea Spa Treatment,  I realized that perhaps cleansers are worth the investment. During the holiday hustle and bustle, me and a friend were coaxed into trying out this product on our hands, and while I found that it was nice and all, I wasn’t in the market for a new cleanser and was still skeptical, so I didn’t purchase it myself. But after it was given to me, and I started using it, I don’t think I could go back to any other product. And before you think anything, no this wasn’t a tip from my friend suggesting I had really bad skin, I think she just remembered us trying it and thought it would be a nice gift.

This cleanser it meant to be used once or twice a week after removing makeup, with warm water as a cleanser. You do not need to purchase their whole line of products in order to see results, as they are quite pricey. But after cleansing it’s a good idea to use a moisturizer, and OMG, it feels so amazing.

In a previous blog I mentioned that I have been recently tackling dry skin, and this has honestly made such an improvement to that issue. When you apply a moisturizer after using this cleanser, it is like a vacuum suctions it into your skin. You don’t feel oily, or greasy, but simply just really soft. This is because the cleanser removes the top layer of your skin that blocks moisturizers from properly soaking into your skin, leaving it clean rejuvenated, and refreshed.

This is for all skin types, and I would recommend that anyone who has any sort of skin issue to try this product out. It claims to be completely natural and that all its ingredients come from the sea in Israel. It is soft, with a light fragrance,  and doesn’t leave the skin feeling read or over exposed. Honestly it’s one of the best cleansers I have ever used, and I’m so grateful to have received it as a gift for Christmas. 


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