Coconut Oil:: For Everything but Eating

Now the first time someone told you, that you could use your hair straightener as a curler as well, and it was the most mind blowing moment of the day? well that’s how I felt about olive, and coconut oil, the day that my dad suggested I start using it as a face wash. Okay so it was more of a delayed reaction, after thinking, dad you have lost your mind, I did a little bit of research, and discovered that oils, aren’t just good for cooking. It turns out that washing your  face with oils is actually good for your skin, and can ironically enough prevent oily skin! Crazy right? Yea my friends thought I was crazy too, let me explain.

The little bit of science that I know behind it is that most cleansers, and face washes are oil free, and strip skin of their natural oils, because well let’s face it, no one wants to look sweaty and greasy half way through the day. However these oil stripping products cause you to in fact produce more oils than before in order to bring back the lost hydration, this is why even people with normal to dry skin, can see an excessive production of oil on their face. When you wash your face with oil, such as olive, or coconut oil, it puts natural oils into your pores, and leaves then extra moisturized. Due to this you skin doesn’t feel the need to replenish the lost hydration, because you have already put it there. After starting to use oil as my daily face wash, I noticed that not only was my skin softer, but I was less shiny throughout the day.

Since then I’ve used coconut oil for pretty much everything, when I have a patch of dry skin I rub a little bit of it on it instead of lotion. I’ve used it as a hair mask for dry split ends, I’ve talked to people who claim it to help with their eczema, it’s great for removing water proof eye makeup,  it has even reduced the appearance of red spots, and scars from acne blemishes, and daily cuts and scrapes. Ironically though I have never tried it in my cooking, although I’m sure it would be lovely for that as well.

I know the idea of putting oil onto your face seems slightly out there and bazar, but its surprisingly effective. When washing my face, I put it on my face, then I take a damp hot face cloth and hold it over my face until it cools, and rinse with cool water. I don’t even need a moisturizer after it sometimes, and then voila, you’re ready for the day!

Now I’m not even one of those people who preach all natural products, I mean yeah it’s nice to use something natural on my face, but that’s not why I’m recommending this.  I swear by this use of the product, I just think it’s a great alternative for anyone who hasn’t had luck with other facial products. Perhaps this will work for you, perhaps it won’t, but unless you have a coconut, or oil allergy, there’s no risk to giving it a shot. And look at the bright side, even if it doesn’t work for you, you don’t have to worry about wasting it, just substitute it for any other cooking oil you may use!! It’s a win/win situation!


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