Real World Ex-plosion:: Worst Season Ever!

Last week I wrote a post on the Real World: Ex-plosion premiere and my thoughts on its “realness” in, Real World:: Not so Real anymore?, and like I previously mentioned, I am a huge fan of the Real World series. Actually I’m just a huge reality show junkie to be honest and I just soak up the nonsense, but unfortunately, I have to say that this season in my opinion has to be the worst season in Real World history.

It’s a shame really because not only did I love the Real World, but I also loved MTV’s connecting reality series, The Challenge, however this season is just unbearable.  I know that many people don’t think that any reality show is necessarily “good TV” and I can agree with that, but never the less, it’s still extremely entertaining, dramatic, and suspenseful. After watching the first episode, I noticed that the show did seem quite a lot more scripted than seasons prior, but after watching the second episode, it’s not only questionably scripted, but if so, the script is horrible. I don’t like the animation put in between each scene, I don’t like how they only Show moments of drama and tension, and leaves you having absolutely no idea where the sudden fight came from. Most reality shows aren’t necessarily known for their great character and story development, but if there is supposed to be you’re not going to find it in this season.

Now aside from the horribly stupid and premature drama on the show, the original concept of the show was to put 7 strangers into a house to observe when they go from being nice out of courtesy, to when they start getting comfortable enough with each other and start “getting real” as stated by the opening credits. This season’s opening credits however no longer state the shows trademark statement. It’s as if they are taking the name of an old sow, and putting in an entirely different concept.

I find that the relationships are moving far too fast, I mean after nine days in the house, two of the house mates have already claimed to be an “official” couple. It’s just completely unrealistic, and if my presumption is wrong and the show is indeed not being scripted, then I’ve lost all respect for the cast. It’s one thing to join a reality show, but to make complete fools of yourself  within the first two episodes, to perhaps “out do” previous cast members, is little pathetic in my opinion.

I realize that MTV is trying to keep the show fast moving, and dramatic so that it keeps viewers watching, but it’s doing the complete opposite for me. While I used to find the Real World extremely suspenseful with each episode leaving me craving for more, today’s episode not only didn’t make me anticipate the next episode, but I actually found myself anticipating the end. It was that ridiculous that it literally made me frustrated. I’m finding it hard to even explain the extent of how bad it was. It was so confusing and fast moving that if you were to ask me for a sweet and simple recap of the show I wouldn’t even know where to begin.

However all this being said, because I’m such a fan of the series I will try to continue to finish the season, and I hope to no end that it gets better. I just really miss the older seasons, and I don’t understand why MTV had to try and fix something that wasn’t broken. I was really looking forward to this season of the Real World, but Ex-plosion, you are disappointing me tremendously.


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