Children:: So cute yet so much Work

I love kids, I think they’re so funny, so entertaining, so creative and imaginative, and who can say no to their puppy dog faces? But after spending the past 6 hours with my three year old cousin, I have a whole new sense of respect for any young parent out there, or even all parents in general. Kids while are cute and fun, they are so much work! 

I’ve always watched shows like teen mom and never really grasped how much time having a child takes up. I figured that if ever I was in that position I would still be able to do school work, and graduate, and still live a normal life, I mean average aged parents do it all the time and never claim that having kids “ruined their life”. But it’s honestly so much harder than you can even imagine. Like I said before I’ve only been here for 6 hours, and I’ve virtually had zero time to myself. You go to the bathroom, they want to come, you look at your phone they want to look too, and you try to open your lap top to write a blog, they want to push all the buttons just like you. 

I couldn’t imagine having a kid full time and still being in school. I mean I’ve barely been able to write this blog because my cousin obviously wants to be a part of everything I do, if I had to do homework and put a child to bed, and wake up early every morning, I don’t think I would manage. I know that my 6 hours of supervised “baby sitting” is nothing compared to what parents go through every day, but I’ve had a small glimpse of the life of a parent. 

I think that teens often brush aside the idea of having kids and do  realize that if they had a child at a young age it would affect their lives, but I don’t think anyone truly understand how much it really does. I know that I did, I know that while watching teen mom I would in some way judge that the parents would complain. I feel like shows similar to teen mom only show the hardships regarding the parental relationships, and school struggles being a young parent, but what they don’t show is the crying, the screaming, the disobedience, all the things that young kids do when they don’t get their way, or are just plain cranky. You will constantly see the parents saying oh I don’t have time for school right now, or having a child is so hard  but shows sugar coat the rough stuff. They don’t show the actual behaviours of the child, or how frustrating it is to just get your child to sit down long enough to finish a meal. In a way it really does glamorize teen parent hood, but not in that it’s fun, but in that they don’t show the full extent of the hardships of raising a child.

I’m sure it’s not all bad, I mean I still love my cousin, and I want to have kids when I’m older, but I now sort of get why having a child when you’re married, and are financially stable is much easier than when you’re young. it’s not just that you don’t get to party, and go out with friends anymore, it’s that you can’t have a full time job, be in school full time, and raise a child all at once, and still have time for any social life. It’s not like you have the money to hire a babysitter everyday while you’re at school full time with only a part time job. I mean koodos to all the young parents out there. I think as a society we need to cut them a little slack, raising a child in general seems like hard work, but raising one while you still don’t have your life fully together seems even harder. I’m sure no parent would complain about having to raise a child once they have it, I mean just when they say I love you it melts your heart and makes whatever trouble they got into fades away and makes it all worth it. But I can only imagine that, that worth is a high price to pay sometimes.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love kids, and my younger cousin is a doll, but I’m perfectly fine with just seeing her for a few hours at a time. And while I love spending time visiting the young family members, I can’t lie and pretend that sometimes going home to peace and quiet seems extremely appealing. It’s definitely going to be a long while before I anticipate any children in my future, I get impatient just waiting for my computer to turn on let alone dealing with a child who just doesn’t want to listen.



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