Keeping up with the Kardasians:: Premier full of Complaints

So the 9th season of Keeping up with the Kardashians aired last night and as my irrational reality show obsession is no secret I watched it despite the fact that I’m not a huge fan of the Kardashian family. After watching the premiere though, not only is the shows antics still ridiculous, but the entire episode consisted of the family complaining about the paparazzi and media tabloids. Now I personally have no idea what it’s like to be in the lime light, and I’m sure it’s difficult at times, however no one is forcing them to make their entire lives public.

One thing that I really don’t believe in is celebrities complaining about media attention. Starting out in the business whether it is acting, singing, or reality TV, you had you have known that there was a possibility of your success and with success comes judgement. You put yourself in the public eye, and those are the consequences of fame, its, not like it’s some unknown fact. But like I said I do feel for some celebrities when they can’t even go to the store without being stalked, but when you’re a reality star, especially as big and open as the Kardashians, you can’t complain when people want to judge your life.

They didn’t have to make show broadcasting their entire life to the public. And when your show starts out with one of your daughter’s sex tapes going public, you have to know that people are going to talk. It’s one thing to have a reality show to show your life to the public for their entertainment, however the entire episode was filled with comments on false media accusations, and cursing out the paparazzi, and frankly I don’t feel sympathy for them. They have more than enough money to take themselves out of the public eye, and still live wealthy lives. But the fact that they continue to make their show proves that they love the fame and money, more than they hate the tabloids.

The only people I feel sorry for on the show are the two youngest daughters, Kendall and Kylie, because they were too young to choose whether or not they wanted to be in the public eye when the show started. That being said now they are at an age where they could stop the madness, and chose not to the on the show if they really wanted to. The parents on the show shouldn’t complain about their children being exploited by the media when they are the ones that put them in the line of fire to be exploited.

I feel like while the show is sometimes entertaining, the show is increasingly showing them complain about the media and the consequences of fame, rather than an in tell into their lives. What was once a harmless reality show is now a “just for the record” this did or didn’t happen kind of show. If they want to continue to make more money than I necessarily think they deserve, they need to stop complaining about that others are going to say. Near the end of the episode, Kim calls a family meeting to tell everyone that they themselves can’t believe what is written and need to stick together, which in my opinion just further shows the dysfunctions of the family that they would have so little faith in each other that they would buy into the lies of the tabloids. It was almost as if calling that meeting was them covering up for the complaints made throughout the show stating that they are just looking out for each other, but I and hopefully no one else bought into the poor attempt of a cover up.

The Kardashian family, and any other famous person in the world needs to step back and appreciate what they have before they go and start complaining about it. Rumours are a small price they have to pay in order to have success, and that’s all they are, rumours, no sane person really buys into them anyways. There are many less fortunate people in the world paying way higher prices in order to become semi successful in their career and I’m sure they would love to swap places with any one of the celebrities in the world. So I just think they need to think and appreciate what they have, before they speak and complain about their lives.


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  1. Carlos · January 22, 2014


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