Exams:: How to Study Tips and Tricks

Exams and tests are those things that every student has to endure, there’s no way out of it, you just have to suck up and do it. I personally hate exams and tests, I don’t like studying for them, I don’t like writing them, I don’t like thinking about all the little possible things I could have gotten wrong afterwards, their just no fun. The anxiety you get over them is no fun when they are the difference between failing of passing a class, and it’s no fun when you’re getting a 90 in a class and have to get a 90 on the exam or else your mark will drop. Its stressful, there’s going to be lots of coffee, lots of tears, lots of anxiety, and a whole bunch of relief the minute you get to hand it in and walk out of that class room. 

I wouldn’t say I’m a pro exam or test writer, I’ve aced quite a lot of them, but I’ve also failed a few, but I thought I would share a little bit of advice I have for anyone worried about their future tests or exams.

Before Exam Time:
(exam and test preparations don’t start the week before, they start from day one!)

1) Take Legible Notes (it’s not going to be any fun studying if you have no notes to help you-not that studying is fun anyways)
2) GO TO CLASS! (Don’t skip fifty million classes in a row and expect to be able to pass, or know enough to write a full exam!)

While studying:

1) If given an outline, use it, write notes, ask questions, they are life savers
2) Compare notes with a friend to make sure you’re not missing anything
3) Do any review questions, or homework, the hard questions are often on the test or exam
4) Write down everything your teacher says during exam review period!!- They can’t tell you what’s on it, but what they say is usually what they want to see written
5) Give yourself time to study, don’t wait until last minute
6) If notes aren’t your thing, go over the review and mentally answer the questions, if you can answer them in your head without looking at your notes, you probably know it, you don’t need pages of notes to study, you know what works for you
7) Make a study group, but only if you will actually get something out of it, I can’t study with people, but for some people it really works
8) DONT drink coffee the night before, you will be up all night, and will be too tired in the morning
9) Write answers or say them out loud, some people learn from writing, some from talking- who cares if you sound crazy talking to yourself, you’re getting smarter remember?
10) Don’t stay up all night studying, know when enough is enough and let yourself rest, sleep is when your brain is able to organize your thoughts, studying in your sleep is surprisingly a real thing
11) Don’t take tip 9 as an excuse to sleep with your text book, you have to review the notes for your brain to process them
12) Quickly review notes right before exam or test if needed as a quick refresher

Day of exam:
1) Wake up, eat, drink a coffee, act as normal as possible
2) Don’t psych yourself out, you know the answers, don’t let nerves get the best of you
3) If you don’t know an answer skip it and go back later
4) Pace yourself, but don’t go too slow that you run out of time
5) NO CHEATING!- not worth getting caught
6) Answer everything, even if you think it’s wrong answer it anyways, maybe it’s right
7) If you have time re read your answers at the end, you might pick up simple mistakes
8) Don’t worry about how fast of slow everyone else is going, just do you
9) After the exam, don’t stress, you’ve done all you can do, enjoy the fact that it’s over
10) Do a little happy dance when you’re done! Feels good after all that stress

Well that’s it, I hope this is helpful to some, these are just some of the things I try to do when I’m writing texts and exams. If anyone has any other tips I’d love to hear them! And if you’re reading this instead studying for an exam or test right now, get to work and good luck!!





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