Diets, Drive-ins, and Weird Obsessions

Today while sitting with my cousin watching episode after episode of Diners, Drive-bins, and Dives, we have come to the consensus that whenever on a diet watching the food network is extremely comforting. Weird considering that you would think that when constricting yourself of all the tasty foods of the world the last thing you would want to do would be watch people devour exactly what your not able to, but its exactly the opposite. My cousin literally has an addiction to watching the food network, but not just any time, only when she’s on a diet, and we are starting to become concerned.

So it brings the question as to why this is, I personally don’t find the food network the most exciting thing to watch, but even i see where she’s coming from. I’ve heard of other people coping with the struggles that comes with diets in many ways and this idea of “food porn” seems to be a big one. Whether it be looking at food on tumblr, or on the food network, girls seem to find looking at the food they can’t consume as a method of coping. 

But it doesn’t work unless you are dieting. For example, if I’m not trying to eat healthy, and I go and watch or look at a bunch of food, my first reaction will be to either make it or go buy it. However if I can’t eat it, at least I can look at it and pretend I’m eating it, I think it’s something that all girls do when constricting their diet. If we can’t have it we will just look at it. It’s like those pair of shoes you can’t afford but will continue to walk past that store every time you’re at the mall and imagine that you have them. Or looking at that really hot guy, just because we can’t have it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be able to look.

However all this being said my cousin takes it to the next extreme. I remember her being on a diet at a family function and making everyone at the table eat all the foods she wanted and describe them to her so that she could pretend she was eating them too. Maybe all girls and dieters are weird, or maybe it’s just my cousin. But we would both love to know if this is normal behaviour for a dieter, or if we’re just crazy people who can’t control our love for unhealthy food. Let us know because if this indeed isn’t normal, I think she may need some serious help… Okay not serious help, but some other form of control for her junk food desires.


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