Makeup:: Benefit POREfessional Makeup Primer Review

Just under a month ago I found two small sample sizes of Benefit’s POREfessional makeup primers. I couldn’t tell you where I got them, or when I got them but I found them at the bottom of one of my makeup bags, and figured that since I was running out of my other foundation primer I would give it a shot. Thank God I gave them a shot, it’s in my opinion AMAZING.

On my first time using it I notices how soft it felt the second you start to rub it into your skin, and even with the poor lighting that I have in my bedroom, I could see my pores literally being erased. I always moisturize my face before I apply foundation and when I put the primer on after I moisturized I noticed that it gave a mattified look to my skin, without drying it out. It made my foundation glide on, look really natural, and it lasted all day. usually I find that even with primer, half way through my day my makeup starts to settle into my skin, and either look like its cracked apart, or completely run off.

I used this product at 9 this morning, and it’s now 9pm, and my makeup still looks intact. Now I don’t necessarily have large pores, which is what this is targeted to, but I still think it’s a great product for all skin types. Its oil free, gives a silky feel when applied, and can be applied both before, and after your foundation application. When applying before just dab a few dots onto cleansed and moisturized skin, ideally just in your t-zone, to avoid wasting it, rub it in, and then apply the rest of your makeup. If you notice some pores or imperfections after applying your foundation you can slick it onto the desired areas to cover any imperfections. Also if you have really clear skin and don’t normally wear any foundation, it’s really nice just to apply you give your face a mattifying appearance.

The product is slightly pricey, at $36 per full sized tube, but it’s worth it and it will last you a long time. You don’t have to use a lot of it with each application, so as long as you don’t waste it should be able to last you a few months, if not longer. I only had two really small samples and they lasted me nearly a whole month alone, and I wasn’t even trying to use it frugally.

Don’t let the colourful packaging fool you, I’m not the biggest fan of Benefit packaging, however their products are mostly very reliable. I mean we can’t judge a book by its cover right? Anyone looking for a new primer to try out I would honestly recommend giving this a shot, you won’t be disappointed.


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