Meanwhile in Toronto…

Unless you haven’t left your house all winter (which i highly recommend), it’s obviously one of the coldest winters we have seen in Toronto in a while. I mean I don’t remember seeing this much consistent snow for at least 4 years. However in Toronto I feel like we have just become to accustomed to the warmer winters, that even the parks weren’t prepared for this winter. Who needs to be sunbathing in Miami, when we can snow bathe in Canada?

ImageMy dad came across these chairs the other day on a walk, and I thought it was too funny not to share. Just a little glimmer of hope for the summer to come. While we are sad and droopy about the cold weather that seems never ending, these colourful chairs and umbrella’s didn’t quite get the memo that summer ended quite awhile ago. Or maybe they’re there to remind us that summer will come soon enough and shed a little light and colour to the dark, white days of summer. I think we should all decorate our lawns with bright chairs to keep our spirits high during this polar vortex of a winter that we are facing.


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