Since the Tassimo and Keurig first came out, me and my dad relentlessly mocked the silly trend. For someone who drinks 3 cups of coffee before even leaving the house in the morning, the idea of the single cup brewer just didn’t make any sense to my dad’s lifestyle. Me on the other hand, while I do love to feed my coffee addiction, I never really drank coffee at home. I even distinctly remember going through a phase where every night around 8 o’clock I would go to Tim Horton’s just to get a coffee (and I wondered why I could never fall asleep before 1 am). We both had agreed that the Tassimo, while handy, would be a waste of money.  Why spend 12 dollars on 8 cups of coffee when you can spend 9 dollars on a large tin that makes upwards of 30 cups of coffee?

However low and behold, for some strange reason which I still don’t quite understand, we cracked down and bought our self a Tassimo. We debated for weeks whether to go Keurig or Tassimo, but after my aunt showing us her Tassimo, it was decided. 

Now I think we both still think the price per cup is ridiculous, and in no was a money saver, but I honestly don’t care! I never ever would have thought to brew myself a pot of coffee in the morning before class, and not only because I don’t know how to. But since we bought the Tassimo I have pretty much made myself a cup of coffee every morning. Now I was hoping that it would save me money and I would feel less inclined to grab my daily cup of Tim’s at lunch (no I don’t make those 8 pm Tim runs anymore) but rather it simply starts of my coffee kick of the day and makes me drink more… I’m not complaining though.

I think my only complaint about the Tassimo is that the average t-disc, only makes 7 oz. coffee cups, which is fine for someone who didn’t grow up in a house with a mother and father who were coffee feigns. But for someone like me who only owns 15 oz. coffee mugs, I’m always left feeling a little sad when I look at the amount of coffee in my mug. I do however opt for buying the larger t-disc, though harder to find, are worth the hunt. 

I have heard that the Keurig’s biggest one up over the Tassimo is the ability to choose the size of coffee you want, which would be a nice feature to see in the Tassimo, and I would like to witness this feature in the Keurig for myself just to see the comparison. However all this being said I am still extremely satisfied and glad that we caved into the Tassimo lifestyle.  Don’t get me wrong we still own our normal coffee maker, because like I said earlier my dad needs his three cups in the morning before he can work functionally. But for anyone who doesn’t have time to brew themself a pot of coffee every morning, or just wants a cup half way through the day, or in the middle of the night trying to finish that essay due in the morning, I think the Tassimo is a great alternative to the standard coffee maker.


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