Indie Authors:: Kobo and eBook Platforms

After finishing a new book on my Kobo thee other day, I came across an author’s note to the reader, thanking me for giving indie authors such as her a chance. I have been buying cheap 1-4 dollar books of my Kobo for months and it never occurred to me that the reason for their cheap prices was due to them being written by indie authors. So I went on an searched up exactly what an indie author was, and from what I understand, they are authors that are self-publishing and self-publish themselves onto Kobo, and other e reading devices and formats.

I think this a great platform for new authors out there. It’s really hard to get an agent, find a publisher, get published, get marketed, and all that shazam. But it’s really nice to see things like Kobo, and other online platforms giving new authors an easier way to get their work out there, and perhaps later be picked up by agents, and official publishing companies. 

With the way that technology is advancing, less and less people are going into stores and browsing selections of books and are rather ordering them online, or resorting to devices such as the Kobo. It’s nice to see that authors are also advancing and taking these online opportunities and making the best out of them. It shows that you don’t always need fancy publishers to start your career for you, but rather you can start it yourself, build your own cliental, and eventually move on to better and bigger opportunities.

I have noticed that in some of these eBooks, that there are some spelling and grammar errors, which I leave down to lack of a proper editor and aren’t that tremendous all things considered. And no not all the books are top notch literature, not all these indie authors are the next John Steinbeck, but that’s why they’re self-publishing, they want to learn so that they can grow to be better authors and I love that Kobo gives all readers the opportunity to write reviews upon completing any novel, and I would hope that these indie authors would take their time to read what their readers have to say. The only way they are going to expand it by taking any criticism, and feedback, and trying to improve, and I think Kobo had given a great platform to do to.



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