Review:: Pretty Little Liars

For years I’ve been a diehard fan of the pretty little liars, however lately I feel like the show is becoming and endless loop of false leads, and who A will really be. I feel like the show, while is highly entertaining, and keeps you on the edge of your seat, is starting to become a little bit predictable. Not predictable in that you will necessarily be able to tell who the next a suspect will be, but so in that every suspect will suddenly turn extremely suspicious and creepy, only to have everything cleared up and back to normal again.

It happened when Aria’s dad was under suspicion, the father that was once so normal, suddenly started to act like an axe murderer, and was the scariest person on the show, until we find out he actually wasn’t the killer of Alice, and he went back to acting normal. When the previous mid-season finale aired leaving Ezra to be the new suspect, I didn’t buy into it one bit. First off we find out that Alice is alive, so he obviously didn’t kill her, and the show has become notorious for its plot twists that really don’t go anywhere. First Mona is A then the dad, now Ezra; it’s all too good to be true.

While I will continue to watch the show because it is highly addictive, I think it needs to stop making people prime A suspects. in that I mean stop making normal characters suddenly act super creepy and change from episode to episode. Often times the characters don’t even know they are a suspect and they already start acting crazy. The show gives no warning or proper transition into the character’s changes and it honestly just becomes annoying. 

I’m no screen writer, nor do I know where this show is heading (that’s one thing the show is great at doing, hiding how it’s going to end) but I just wish the show would start to change things up and not always use the default good guy turned scary turned good again pattern. I don’t know if Ezra is A or not, but I highly doubt it.

The show is very similar to Gossip Girl in that the whole show is about finding out who the person behind the screen is. the only difference is that Gossip Girl never blatantly accused people of being Gossip Girl, and no one ever started to act sketchy of as if they were secretly spying, in a way that focused them as the Gossip Girl, and in the end it kept the viewer’s questioning, and in the end made finding out the truth just as shocking. I think Pretty Little Liars should take on a similar approach to the show to stop being so predictable and plain annoying.


Review:: Moroccan Oil Hydrating Mask

It’s no secret that I’m a huge Moroccan Oil fan (I use their stuff religiously) and after my horrendous avocado hair mask experience I was in need of a good deep conditioning. This summer while in New York I purchased Moroccan Oils Hydrating hair mask, and fell in love. However the stuff is expensive and I ran out a few months ago, so yesterday I cracked down and repurchased it in the larger pot container.


They sell it for both fine, and medium to thick hair types, I’ve used both and they both work fine, the only thing is that if you do have fine hair, the medium to thick one could weigh your hair down a little bit. But other than that I love this product. You apply it after you shower to towel dried hair. Use as much or as little as you need, let sit for 5-7 minutes (I wait 10) and then rinse it out and style as usual.

What I love so much about his product it that unlike a lot of other hair masks, it doesn’t leave your hair feeling greasy, the aroma is amazing but not too over powering and it takes away frizz and ads shine without feeling like you have too much product in your hair. For anyone who has processed hair or is prone to breakage, split ends and dullness I highly recommend giving this a shot. It is pricey at roughly $35 but it will last you several months if you use it wisely.

I have a lot of Moroccan oil products including their oil, styling cream, curling cream, hair spray and blow dryer, and I’ve yet to be disappointed with any of their products. I have wanted to try their restoring mask, but have heard both good and bad things about it. If anyone has tried it, or knows of any other hair masks, I would love to hear about them and perhaps I will try them and let you know what I think. But Moroccan Oil Hydrating Mask is very high up on my recommendations list.

Patience and Drawing

Today while trying to draw and color a map for a world issues class I learned 2 things. The first being that art isn’t quite my thing, the second, that I have the worst patience in the world. I envy those who have the patience to make art and draw and color and not get frustrated when things take too long. 

It started out great, my shading wasn’t too bad and I was thinking, wow this map is going to look so good, I didn’t know I had all these art talents, then after an hour, I realized I was done, not done the map, just done coloring, and scribbled in the rest of my ocean. The thing is to draw and do art you need to have patience to take your time and work in all the details. I don’t have the time, or the attention span to do such things. I know if I take my time and try I probably could be decent, but I just can’t.

Anyways this is just a little blog commending all the artists out there because aside from my admiration for your talent and passion for art, I think I’m most impressed by your patience. 

Avocado Mask Bust

Today I learned a lesson that most people learn around the age of two. That lesson is, food is meant for eating and not meant to be mushed into your hair. Let me explain. Since I have processed, long hair, I’m always looking for ways to preserve it and prevent my poor split ends from breaking up with the rest of my hair. So naturally I would look for masks and hair treatments that restore moisture and strengthen hair. In this search I stumbled across a recipe of avocados and olive oil to put in your hair and it’s supposed to make it shiny and soft and “work wonders”.

So me being the naive person that I am believed it would work. It made sense, I know olive oil is full of nutrients and hydrating sciency things, and apparently avocados are good for everything and people always rave about using it for face and hair, so try it I did. I mixed one mashed up avocado, and 2 tbsps. On olive oil together and the disaster began. 

Firstly it smelled horrendous. I love olive oil, and its smell, and I love avocados and their fragrance, the two mixed together? Not so much. Secondly, I hate touching squishy foods to I should have known I wasn’t going to have fun the minute I looked at the combination. But the thing that surprised me the most was how dry and tangled my hair got while applying the concoction. I thought that the oil, and creamy texture of the avocados would have made the application process feel similar to applying conditioner, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. 

I first tried applying it to wet hair, but then when I realized that I was ripping out more hair than salvaging, I dampened it with a spray bottle, but it still felt brittle and like it was going to all break off it I kept touching it. I tried to comb it through, that was both painful and scary, but I had already started to when it was all one I wrapped my hair in a plastic bag and let it sit for 30 minutes. I hoped that it would soften up by the time I rinsed it out. 

but it didn’t, when I rinsed it, it felt like my hair does after using a really strong shampoo, for any blondes out there picture the stripped feeling that purple shampoo leaves on your hair, and it wasn’t until I put so much conditioner I was convinced it would never rinse out did my hair finally start to feel soft and silky again. when I was drying my hair I did my usual Moroccan oil routine, but noticed that I actually needed more than I usually do, and my hair was frizzier than it gets on a humid summers day, and I had to apply extra Moroccan oil, and plat my hair in order to de frizz it. Not to mention my hair also looked extremely dull.

So no, kids don’t use food in your hair, at least not that combination. I was extremely disappointed with the results, and even though I was using all natural products, I feel like I ended up losing more hair than I salvaged today. This experiment was a fail, and I’m officially turned off to natural homemade hair masks. I think I will go back to my store bought chemical ones now. If you have any tips, or suggestions as to what I may have done wrong, or agree, or try this out and have different results I would love to hear. You know what the worst part is? I wasted a perfectly ripe avocado that could have been made into a nice guacamole on my hair.

I Dream of Shoes!

I have no time today to think write a very good blog today so I decided to just post a picture of shoes, because what says Monday like a dream closet filled with shoes? Let us relish in our dreams while I do boring work all night.