How To:: Gifts on a Budget

Whether you’re in high school, or college, or university, financial times are tough, and as long as you have friends, those financial times are going to be even tougher. Why you may ask? Well everyone has a birthday, which means you obviously want to be a good friend and get those friends a birthday gift! But because these financial times are tough, sometimes it’s hard to find people nice gifts without breaking the bank. So I thought since the months of January through March I have a lot of friend’s birthdays and not a lot of money, I would share my tips on how to give people good gifts without spending too much money!

1)Split Gifts: if you want to get someone a nice gift that costs a lot, split gifts with friends, so whether 2 or however many people decide to chip in, you can get a really nice gift for that person, but not spend more than you can afford.

2) Buy them Dinner: if gifts are too much, treat that person out for dinner, or a nice lunch, just make sure you don’t go too fancy or else you will end up spending more money on food than you would have on a gift

3) Gift Cards!: If your friend really likes a store, give them a gift card to it, or use tip one and everyone chip in 15-20 dollars and those dollars add up so they can go on a shopping spree

4) Cook/Bake: if you really don’t have a lot of money, bake or cook for them. Everyone loves food, so make them their favourite dinner dish, or dessert, the effort it worth way more than the amount you spent

5) Plan a Day Out: if you haven’t seen that person in a while plan a fun day out where you do cheap things, like maybe skating, or going to a really nice park with a picnic, anything that looks like you out a lot of thought into, but didn’t necessarily spend a lot to make it happen

6) Write a Funny Poem: if you really have no money to spend, write them a corny poem or card telling them how much you value them in your life but unfortunately your broke as a stick, and could only afford to write them that funny card/poem

7) Pinterest: search things to make, for gifts on pinterest. Pinterest has all the answers to your questions!

Well that’s all the tips I have! If these don’t work for you, well then I don’t know what else will! Try these out; put a little twist on them. And remember as long as you can imagine yourself appreciating whatever you’re giving if given to you, they should like it too. If not their spoiled and demand too much!! Good luck!!


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