Sears Closing:: Mineral Makeup Bargain

Since so many Sears’s stores are closing in the Greater Toronto Area, I have found myself buying more things from sears in the past two months than I had ever bought in my entire life. And while I think that the sales should be cheaper for most things, considering they are trying to clear out the entirety of their stores, I have been able to find some jaw dropping good sales in their makeup department. I have a really unhealthy addiction to makeup, so when I’m able to find good quality makeup on sale I snatch it all up.

From sears I have bought a whole bunch of Cargo brand makeup for over half off, I got two mascaras for $9, when they are normally sold for $25, I also bought a pressed powder for $16, on sale from $35, a Pari starter kit for $16 on sale from $55, and so much more that I just can’t remember it all. But one of the best sale items I found, were Pari mineral eye shadows. I got an 8 pack for $9, when they normally sell for $30!


There’s a makeup store called Faces, and they also sell the same mineral pigments, same casing, and everything. I have three different sets, two 5 pieces which I bought full price, and another 8 piece. So finding the Pari 8 piece at 9 dollars was mind boggling. Now I’m completely aware that I don’t need any more eye shadows, but what I love so much about these is that they can be used as eye shadows, lip glosses, eye liners, nail polished, and just about everything else! (if you want a better list on how to use them Gossmakeup channel on YouTube has a great explanation of pigment uses)

They also last forever! I have had my previous sets for close to 4 years now, and they are nowhere near running out. So if you can go to Sears and pick up some of these pigments on sale, it’s really worth the hunt, and even if you can’t get them on sale, while they are a little pricey at full price, are completely worth it.

Even if you don’t need new makeup, I would suggest just check out the Sears closing sales in general I was really surprised by the things that I found. Even if you’re not a huge fan of Sears, who can turn down a good sale? I know I can’t!


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