1 Pillow, 5 Pillow, 30 Pillow, Zzzzz

It all started because of the bedding section at Ikea. I remember it like it was yesterday when I walked into Ikea and saw this bed on display that had several blankets, and an abundance of pillows, up until this point I had been a normal girl who slept with a normal amount of pillows. But since it was time to redo my bedroom complete with a new bed set, I got it into my mind that I needed to have a bed that looked as heavenly as that Ikea bedspread, and that is just what I did.

This pillow obsession started with 5 pillows on a queen sized bed, 4 normal sized ones, and 1 body pillow. Looking back now that seems like so little. Eventually this collection grew and within a year I had increased that pillow count to 9, and for about another year I was satisfied with that amount. My room back then was in the attic of the house so with my bed up against a wall, the pillows went along the perimeter. 

A few years after that when my family changed homes I decided I was tired of my blue bed set, wanted a new scheme of pink everything, and proceeded to add to this growing pillow obsession, long story short, and three years later I have 36 pillows on my bed. And even typing this I’m completely aware of how crazy that sounds. I mean what sane person needs 36 pillows to sleep with? Well I guess that would be me (and no my sanity is not questionable..). It’s gotten to the point where I have a hard time sleeping at other people’s houses because I just feel uncomfortable without a lot of pillows. no even worse than that, it’s gotten to the point where if I bring one pillow into the living room then forget it’s there, I can’t sleep unless I have all of them because they all serve a purpose.

I don’t really know where I’m going with this Blog post, but having a lot of pillows is just amazing and I thought I would share. When anyone says they have the world’s most comfortable bed I’m like “uh I bed to differ”. My dad thinks my obsession is crazy, my friends think my bed is comfy, and frankly, my bed is the devil in the morning because I just don’t want to leave. And I’ve tried to imagine well what about when I get married and my husband will need to fit on the bed too, and I’ve just decided that we will need to get a bigger bed, end of story.

This is just one of my weird gluttonous obsessions, and I’d really like to know if anyone else out there has the same obsession as me. I feel like this is the end of a Dr. Phil show where their like, “do you, or someone you know have too many pillows? Is it affecting your marriage? Are you so comfy that you are no longer able to leave your bed in the morning? Well call *** **** and we’ll put you on the show”.  But in all seriousness, I’ve never met anyone like me or that has so many pillows, am I just spoiled? Is this normal? Or if this a serious addiction I’m looking at? (If it is I admit to my problem, but refuse change)



  1. Omg me too · April 14, 2014

    I want your bed and all your pillows! Well just the pillow actually..
    I used to sleep with 2 pillows. Added a third and it doubled my comfort. I’m not as quite far into my obsession (I still have some self control) but I am now sleeping with 7 pillows in my queen bed and my bed is ten times better because of it! I wish i had so many more!
    I once spent a week in a king size bed with 20 pillows… One word; HEAVEN
    I don’t know how anyone could be comfortable without them!
    Even with my boyfriend in my bed while he is spooning me I’m spooning a pillow (my sanity is not questionable either)
    I’m not sure i woul enjoy as many as you but I have been very tempted to get a few more.. 12 may be the magic number for my bed.
    Happy pillow sleeping!!!

  2. amber · February 17, 2015

    Omfg.. I am %100 pillow obsessed i love pillows i have 20 pillows & my body pillow on my double bed right now. :$ I literally just searched before this “pillow addiction” i felt like i was some weird person who just loooved a million pillows. and couldnt sleep without all my pillows.
    Alot of them are against the wall. They all serve a purpose. I neeeed them. I am with you.
    I agree i have a problem, not willing to change it though.

    I LOVE PILLOWS! Haha i like blankets too i have 3 on my bed. Not as much as pillows though.

    Big ones. Small ones. Fluffy ones. Sparkly ones. I looveee them allllllll

    • katdonofrio · February 17, 2015

      Haha, pillows are great! Glad to hear im not alone!

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