Brr it’s Cold in here Toronto

Toronto, you were crazy snowy today, and Toronto schools, you were crazy for not closing down. While snow is beautiful, and a part of what Canada is all about, I don’t think I’ve seen so much snow in Toronto so consistent since I was a little girl. I may not have lived a very long life as of yet, but I’m pretty sure this has to be one of the most snowy winters ever. Here’s a picture taken down by lake Ontario by my dad, because he’s more artsy, and likes being outside for longer periods of time than I do, hence the patience for these photos.

New Image2

These are the days where I don’t want to leave my house, I don’t want to walk to a bus stop, nor do I want to be out for very long, all of which are things I did do today. I feel like singing the rain, rain go away song, only with snow. But have no fear Torontonians! Only 5 more months until summer! I don’t know about you but I’m definitely counting the days. and no I’m not one of those Canadians that complains about Canadian winters, I love snow and scarves, and hats, and hot cocoa, but I mean after January, I’ve just about had it with the cold and am ready for a change. I don’t know how people live with only one season all year around; I love the change in seasons… I just wish they were more often.

Okay that’s all I have to say today, just a little thought of the day.


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