Misunderstood Texter

Texting is one of those tricky things that while yes is apart of our daily lives and is a main method of communication, can also be miss-construed in many different ways. People always say that we need to be careful what we say over text because you never know how someone else may interpret what you say, and lately I feel like I have been having that problem more and more. While my issue with texting isn’t so much in the category of being rude or coming across mean in any way, it’s hard to show a constant thread of excitement through all of your text messages.

I’m not the type of person who always texts back right away, nor am I always by my phone, well I mean sometimes I am, but I also leave my phone all over my house for hours at a time. So I, like many people out there have returned to my phone after a few hours to millions of texts from people trying to get a hold of me. This is my first issue with texting, and that is that if you don’t reply right away it means you’re ignoring the person. No it usually means I just can’t find my phone, or it’s in another room. Unless I really don’t want to talk to someone it’s extremely rare for me to simply ignore one’s texts. Don’t get me wrong though, we’ve all been on the other side of that where you seriously need to get a hold of someone, or you really like said person and don’t know if they’re ignoring you, and it’s annoying and all that jazz. But I think everyone needs to realize that most people, aside from some ass holes out there, won’t just ignore your texts on purpose, usually there is a reason for a delayed response. I mean I have a friend who is sometimes such a immediate texter, but then also will suddenly take 3 days to reply finish that conversation you had started, he knows who he is if/ when he reads this.

The second misconception that really irks me when it comes to texting is this concept of sounding “dry”. Sometimes things are going on and I only have one hand available to text with therefore one word answers are a lot more appealing than two. Or I really like to read, and if you are texting me while in reading, no I’m not going to put down this really good book to converse about what you should have for dinner. Today when I burnt my left hand on the stove and had an ice pack taped all around it, I wasn’t physically capable of using both my hands to text, so no I wasn’t going to give long answers, I was in pain, sue me. I just hate how when you don’t feel like, or can’t reply to someone with bible passage length texts that they automatically assume you must be mad or in a bad mood. If I was in a bad mood, I would lie and say sorry busy, and if I was mad at said person, something prior to that day or hour that you messaged me would have had to happen in order for me to be mad at you, which you would know about.

It just sucks that emotions and voice can’t be heard through texts, and due to this I wish people would stop assuming the worst when texting anyone. Don’t try to solve an argument over texts, just call the person, texting only makes things worse, and don’t try to have a serious convo over text unless your close enough to that person that they hear your voice when you text, or else it just doesn’t work, and things can be taken out of context. Texting is great, but it’s also an easy way to be misunderstood. Everyone just needs to stop assuming the most negative meanings behind a person’s text because I can guarantee that 95% of the time, the person is not being as negative as one would think.


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