That Awkward Moment:: Wasn’t So Awkward

 This evening I went to see the not so highly, highly anticipated movie That Awkward Moment. To be honest I hadn’t even heard of the movie coming out until last week when I saw Zac Efron’s interview on Ellen about the upcoming film, and what young girl who grew up on high school musical wouldn’t want to see what Efron’s been up to?

I was really surprised at the outcome of the theater really seeing as it was its second week being opened and hadn’t necessarily gotten the greatest reviews, but did I mention Zac Efron? But the movie wasn’t all just good looks and sex… well it was, but considering it was a low budget movie, I found it really well scripted and really funny. You know those low budget movies that look and sound like low budget movies? well this wasn’t like that, had I not known I would have just thought it was a averagely budgeted movie, and that just proves that you don’t need a hefty load of cash to make a good movie, all you need is decent actors, a good script, and a couple of funny punch lines.

The movie was about the love lives of three single young men who have sworn off relationships, but then end up either falling in love, or changing their views of typical relationships. I thought the movie gave a great insight into the mentalities of young males. Though I am not male, I found the film to be really realistic when it came to the views that males have on relationships, and almost set the record straight that guys yes do have feelings and yes are assholes, and if they really do like you, they will eventually tell you. 

While the movie was slightly too corny for my liking, I thought the romance was still pretty cute and swoon worthy. maybe my heart melted just a little bit ( wait did I just admit that online? ) my only real dislike towards the movie was that all the funniest parts were a part of the previews, and while they were funnier in the actual movie, I wish there had been a few more moments that had my sides in stiches. But overall I was surprisingly impressed with the movie, good job to all the actors in the movie, and I thought for Zac’s first movie released out of rehab, it was a good foot to be starting out on. 


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