Toronto Diners:: Bloor and Jane

Today for the first Sunday since our car broke, me and my dad went to the infamous diner Bloor and Jane, located on, and yup you guessed it Bloor and Jane. it’s honestly just a rundown hole in the wall sort of place, and I love it to death. I have been going there with my parents ever since I was born, and they had been going for years before then. we have gone so often that the owners actually know our order by heart; we don’t even order anymore we just sit and the food arrives.


Photo taken by unknown photographer

I’ve never really gone there for anything other than breakfast, but I’m pretty sure they serve other diner like foods. I have been to dozens of diners for breakfast, including Tom’s diner from Seinfeld in New York city, and none of them compare to Bloor and Jane. it’s not so much that their breakfast is anything special, I mean it’s good, but it’s not fancy or anything like that, but it’s the atmosphere of the place. Picture the most basic diner you can think of, now date is a few years, and add the chaos, and a staff who loves what they do, and that’s what Bloor and Jane is.

The walls are filled with pictures of various famous people who have sat the booths of Bloor and Jane, photos signed by numerous celebrities, and yes even the famous Stanley cup has made an appearance to the place.

Recently a new breakfast restaurant opened up right beside Bloor and Jane, I don’t know its name, nor do I know what it’s like but it looks pretty fancy, and even though I am curious to see what it is, I could never betray Bloor and Jane like that, so anyone in Toronto looking for a quirky place to have breakfast, check out Bloor and Jane NOT the place next door. I’m sure it’s fine and all, but Bloor and Jane has both History and character and that’s what makes it my go to diner anywhere.


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