Growing Up:: 18 is Kind of a Big Deal

Getting old is fucking scary. Excuse my language there I felt it really necessary because it’s really true. now I’m not saying getting old as in 50 or 60, or 90, well I guess that’s scary too, I just don’t know get, but I mean just turning from 16-18 and all of a sudden your 19, and one day we’re 25 with a job and no more school, and looking towards getting married and having kids, I mean everything changes to drastically when you’re young. 

Turning 16 feels like a big deal because woohoo you get to drive, and suddenly you’re having your sweet sixteen, and getting “real” boyfriends, and going on “real” dates, and all that jazz. Turning 16 is fun, I mean it’s not scary or anything because all you think about is that you are one step closer to freedom and being an adult and you feel cool, because you’re not 15 anymore. 

And 19 (if you’re in Canada, 21 in America) are like oh yeah, I can buy booze, oh yea going to bars, and I can go gambling now? Well there goes my whole pay check because guess what I’m nineteen. 19 is supposed to be that fun birthday because you’ve already been a legal adult now for a year, (or three in America), and no you just get the full privileges of being said adult. 

18 is a tricky age. It’s scary because the months approaching your excited to be an adult, and get a credit card that will make you broker, faster than getting your wallet stolen. but it’s also that age where you’re like OMG my parents don’t legally have to support me anymore. If you like me, you know they still will, but it’s still a lot of pressure to be an adult. you feel like you need a job, and you need to start being more responsible, and you start feeling bad for being dependant, even if your parents don’t mind at all. or else your parents do mind and are like “well you’re an adult, you’re on your own,” I don’t know what it feels like, but if I felt worried about being dependant on a person who doesn’t mind supporting me while I’m in school, I can’t even imagine the stress it must feel like suddenly having to do everything yourself because “legally” you can.

I don’t know much about anything but I do know that 18 is a big year for anyone because even though you’re still young and won’t feel older all of a sudden you can be treated so much older.  I mean I still feel 15 I’m not ready for real life, I feel like I’m not going to be any time soon, and I think that’s okay. While it’s nice to be treated more maturely, and taken more seriously, it’s also an adjustment to wrap your head around the fact that all of a sudden you have all their responsibilities coming your way that you never had before, I mean voting? Well it’s easy for Torontonians, anyone but rob ford I suppose! But still I always thought I was alone in this but I think everyone feels this pressure when turning 18 and it’s just a new chapter in your life and its weird but on the bright side only one more year until you can legally go to the bar, so responsibility isn’t all that bad! And no don’t go drinking all your problems away that wasn’t what I was trying to say silly.



  1. Anonymous · February 13, 2014

    Love your blog!!!<3

  2. Anonymous · February 13, 2014

    Love your blog!!! ❤

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