White Collar, Suits, Real World, and all Tv in Between

This past week I have newly become obsessed with the show White Collar, and it’s not just because I’m deeply in love with matt Bomer. I would in a roundabout way compare the show to suits in that the context that a man of high status in his field of work takes on the assistance of a younger, smarter version of himself. I’m really sad to hear though that White Collar might not be signed on for a 6th season, and while I’m currently only on season 3 I still have a while before that would personally affect me, I’m still concerned never the less.

Suits doesn’t premiere until mid-march which is killing me because I have been waiting to find out what happens since the finale in September, so I sought out white collar in order to fill the void until suits returned. I couldn’t quite tell you if I like one better than the other, they are so different in terms of plot after all, but I was surprisingly impressed with White Collar.

I’m not typically the type to get into a show about art forgery, and the FBI, but the script is so witty and captivating, it’s hard not to love the show (and Matt Bomer). So I really, sincerely hope that they keep the show going at least for one more season. These short 13-16 episode seasons of shows just aren’t cutting it for me, I’m always left craving for more. 

While on the subject of things I don’t like about the way TV runs their seasons lately, I thought I should comment quickly on Real World, and its ridiculous Mid-season break. 

Now like I’ve mentioned previously, I’m still not a fan of the way that mtv has run their reason this year, it’s just too scripted, too dramatic, and really just not very good. However being the hypocrite that I am, I still continue to watch the show, and for a while it seemed as though the show had potential to redeem itself, but since the Exes moved in I think the drama has just gotten worse and it’s not even a funny kind of bad, it’s just plain bad. But the worst part is that this week the show didn’t air a new episode, which is fine, happens quite often in television. It’s just that I really don’t understand why they feel the need to name it a mid-season break!

I remember the days when this “mid-season” concept was never heard of, often times they might show a re run on some weeks, for whatever the reason may be, but these mid-season finales, and one week breaks are just ridiculous. Just show a re-run and move on with it. Not the mention that the rest of the season looks absolutely horrible and filled with Sammy and Ronnie from the Jersey Shore relationship fights. 

It looks like far more physical violence, and screaming than I care to watch, and the show that once had a cool concept, is now turning into a poorly scripted version of cops. I don’t know exactly what’s going to happen, or how the rest of the season is going to pan out, but I can’t say that I really care anymore. I probably will still watch it but it will be more so out of having nothing else to watch, than anything else. 


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