How To:: Waiting for Admission Acceptances

So it’s just about that time where high school students all around the world are waiting to hear back from the colleges and universities that they applied to this winter. All your friends are slowly starting to get their acceptances and it feels like you’re the only one who hasn’t heard anything yet. It’s not so much that you haven’t gotten in, it’s just the wondering of will I get in? Do I need to start re planning my year next fall? Or am I going to get to go to my dream school? Or any school for that matter? It’s a stressful time and everything except keeping up your marks is out of your control. But it doesn’t make the waiting game any easier on you. So I thought of a few things to do in the meantime while waiting to hear back from the schools you have applied to.

1) Check the website every single day
2) Cry a little inside when there’s still no answer
3) Cheer a little inside knowing that at least you’re not rejected yet
4) Write a blog about how your waiting
5) Tell all your friends how happy you are that they got into their program of choice in the hopes karma will be good to you for being a good sport
6) Pretend you don’t care
7) Eat a tub of ice cream because you do care
8) Watch gossip girl, none of them ended up in college/ university and they turned out all right
9) Realize that most of them came from rich families so it didn’t really matter if they went to school or not
10) Cry on the outside
11) Pray to the admissions gods
12) Read books about people who got into university despite having terrible marks for hope for yourself
13) Remember it’s okay if you don’t get in
14) Make a backup plan just in case
15) Go shopping and spend the money you should be saving for all those school loans you will be paying if you get in, because it makes you feel better
16) Watch YouTube videos and decide fuck it you’ll just be a famous you tuber
17) Check the online thing again
18) Stop checking online, a watched pot never boils after all
19) Freak out a little bit again
20) Now calm down, most schools send acceptances far into the April and May months, there’s loads of time to be accepted… or not…. but let’s not think that way


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