Beauty Review:: NYX Eyeshadow Bases

Since completing the Urban Decay Naked palette set, I have recently been watching a lot of tutorials on the second and third palette especially, just to get ideas on what to do with them, and see what others are up to in the world of eye shadow these days. I was really surprised to see how many people were using NYX large eye shadow pencils, and their based for most of the Naked looks. 

I’ve never really used any NYX products to be completely honest, but from what I could see in the tutorials, the bases seemed to be decent assets to the looks that people were doing. So I brought it upon myself to seek out the pencils for myself and see how beneficial they are to any makeup look. I figured, well if that’s what these girls are using, and their makeup is turning out so good, I might as well give it a shot as well

So to target I went and I picked up two eye shadow pencils in the colours 611 yogurt, and 601 black bean, as well as their white eye shadow base in the pot. I got the black simply because I watched one really smoky eye tutorial and thought it would be a good way of making sure the black eye shadow didn’t separate on the eyelid too much, I bought the white because the white was the most used eye shadow primer used in the tutorials, and the beige “yogurt” one because I figured well I’m getting these, why not one more? And since when I think of neutral looks I think beige, it made a lot of sense in my head. My budget wasn’t too happy with me though.


Anyways, I went home and tried out the white and the beige, and while the looks that I tried out did look nice, I didn’t really see much of a difference than when I used just a normal primer. The white was nice, especially with the Naked three because it really allowed the true colour of the eye shadows to show rather than the colour mixed with my skin colour. And the beige just made me use less eye shadow because I already had that colour base on my eyelid. 

Do I think using these bases is necessary, and that you have to spend the money on them in order to get really nice results? No, I don’t think they’re something you need, especially if you’re the type of person who doesn’t wear too much makeup to begin with. Do I think they do have some benefit to your makeup look, and are a nice extra asset? Yes, I mean it’s always nice to have a base under any eye shadow, it makes it last longer it’s easier to blend, and for some looks like the black smoky eye, I think it will help prevent a lot of fall out and allow you to use less shadow. 

All in all if you’re like me and you like trying out new looks and think you will use eye shadow bases and make the time to do that extra step, by all means go for it, it really hurts nothing more than your bank account (actually, they’re only $5.99, the pencils so it’s not too bad). But for anyone else out there, it’s not really a necessary step for day to day looks, and I think you can achieve just as good results without the bases as you can with, it just comes down to preference really.


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