What Not to do While Hosting a Family Gathering

It family day long weekend here in the GTA, and with that, perhaps comes quite a few family gatherings. Or not I mean a lot of people chose to spend family day weekend without their family, which is arguably the better option. But seeing as it is my birthday week, and I have and will continue to see family this weekend, I thought I would give you just a few tips on what not to do when hosting family, or anyone for that matter.

1) Don’t wait until the very last minute to get ready, I know it’s your house but it’s always awkward when you still have wet hair and the family has already started to arrive.

2) Don’t give your lactose intolerant uncle hot chocolate made with real milk, and if you do, make sure you hide it really well.

3) Don’t accidently hit that same uncle in the head after trying to thank him for the birthday gift. Nothing says Thanks like a good blow to the head. 

4) Avoid ignorant comments about anything around your smarter than you cousin.

5) Don’t wait until half an hour before everyone is leaving to bring out the snacks.

Now you may ask how I know you should not do all these things when hosting a family gathering. Well the answer to that is simply because I have done every single one of these things before. Okay so I did them tonight, so trust me, and just avoid these things at all costs! Hope this helps!


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