Avocado Mask Bust

Today I learned a lesson that most people learn around the age of two. That lesson is, food is meant for eating and not meant to be mushed into your hair. Let me explain. Since I have processed, long hair, I’m always looking for ways to preserve it and prevent my poor split ends from breaking up with the rest of my hair. So naturally I would look for masks and hair treatments that restore moisture and strengthen hair. In this search I stumbled across a recipe of avocados and olive oil to put in your hair and it’s supposed to make it shiny and soft and “work wonders”.

So me being the naive person that I am believed it would work. It made sense, I know olive oil is full of nutrients and hydrating sciency things, and apparently avocados are good for everything and people always rave about using it for face and hair, so try it I did. I mixed one mashed up avocado, and 2 tbsps. On olive oil together and the disaster began. 

Firstly it smelled horrendous. I love olive oil, and its smell, and I love avocados and their fragrance, the two mixed together? Not so much. Secondly, I hate touching squishy foods to I should have known I wasn’t going to have fun the minute I looked at the combination. But the thing that surprised me the most was how dry and tangled my hair got while applying the concoction. I thought that the oil, and creamy texture of the avocados would have made the application process feel similar to applying conditioner, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. 

I first tried applying it to wet hair, but then when I realized that I was ripping out more hair than salvaging, I dampened it with a spray bottle, but it still felt brittle and like it was going to all break off it I kept touching it. I tried to comb it through, that was both painful and scary, but I had already started to when it was all one I wrapped my hair in a plastic bag and let it sit for 30 minutes. I hoped that it would soften up by the time I rinsed it out. 

but it didn’t, when I rinsed it, it felt like my hair does after using a really strong shampoo, for any blondes out there picture the stripped feeling that purple shampoo leaves on your hair, and it wasn’t until I put so much conditioner I was convinced it would never rinse out did my hair finally start to feel soft and silky again. when I was drying my hair I did my usual Moroccan oil routine, but noticed that I actually needed more than I usually do, and my hair was frizzier than it gets on a humid summers day, and I had to apply extra Moroccan oil, and plat my hair in order to de frizz it. Not to mention my hair also looked extremely dull.

So no, kids don’t use food in your hair, at least not that combination. I was extremely disappointed with the results, and even though I was using all natural products, I feel like I ended up losing more hair than I salvaged today. This experiment was a fail, and I’m officially turned off to natural homemade hair masks. I think I will go back to my store bought chemical ones now. If you have any tips, or suggestions as to what I may have done wrong, or agree, or try this out and have different results I would love to hear. You know what the worst part is? I wasted a perfectly ripe avocado that could have been made into a nice guacamole on my hair.


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