So you Want to Redecorate your Room?

So over the past few months I’ve been dabbling with the idea of redoing my bedroom. The last time I did it was when I moved into the house I currently live in four years ago and I’ve just been feeling like a needed a change. So change it I’m doing. I’m not yet done with it, so when I am I will post before and afters, and why I chose to decorate the way that I did, but for this blog I thought I would just talk about ways to redo your room, and how to decide what you want done. 

Since discovering the wonders of Tumblr and Pinterest, I’ve been obsessed with the idea of an all-white bedroom. up until this point I’ve had a grey, pink, and black themed room, and while I do still think it looked cool, and fairly professional considering I did all the painting and decorating myself, it was time for a change and I wanted to brighten up my life so to speak. I understand that a white room is going to be a lot of maintenance, but I’m hoping this will be the incentive I need in order to start being a more organized person.

Since my walls and all my furniture was either black, grey or pink, I had to do a big transformation that takes time and money, (tip, never paint your doors black, no matter how cool it may seem you will regret it when you have to paint over it). But I really don’t think you need to redo everything in order to get a fresh feel to your room. If you already have nice furniture, don’t go out and buy new ones- I kept my bed-, and just by changing the colours on the walls, or buying new bedding   you can make all the difference. I also think that before you start any new transformation, make sure it’s absolutely what you want, don’t do things on impulse. I’m the type of person who needs to thoroughly think things through before I change them, and even after spending months envisioning my room white, it still feels a little shocking to me. So make use of things like Tumblr and Pinterest to get ideas and if you’re like me and don’t have a lot of storage, but have a lot of things, make storage your priority. 

Years ago I decided that I would rather have a desk than a dresser, and now I completely regret that decision, you can always do work in the living room, on your bed, on the floor, but you can’t say the same for your clothes. Coming from experience I would much rather lose work space than compromise my floor space to store all my clothes. 

Redoing your room doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, if you have a mirror and you no longer like its color, paint it instead of buying a new one, take what you have and try to turn it into what you want before you go out and waste money on things you don’t really need. That saves money that  could go into getting nicer versions of things you really want in your room, like a new dresser, a nice lamp, or whatever you really want in your room, that you don’t already have. And lastly, don’t try to do everything in one day. Though I painted my room in one day, there’s still a lot left to do and I understand that it’s not all going to happen today. You have to be patient with transformations, or else you might see yourself with too much stuff and not enough money. 

Also I know I haven’t blogged in a few weeks, I just took a break because honestly I ran out of things to talk about, but I’m going to try and be more regular from now on.