Avocado Mask Bust

Today I learned a lesson that most people learn around the age of two. That lesson is, food is meant for eating and not meant to be mushed into your hair. Let me explain. Since I have processed, long hair, I’m always looking for ways to preserve it and prevent my poor split ends from breaking up with the rest of my hair. So naturally I would look for masks and hair treatments that restore moisture and strengthen hair. In this search I stumbled across a recipe of avocados and olive oil to put in your hair and it’s supposed to make it shiny and soft and “work wonders”.

So me being the naive person that I am believed it would work. It made sense, I know olive oil is full of nutrients and hydrating sciency things, and apparently avocados are good for everything and people always rave about using it for face and hair, so try it I did. I mixed one mashed up avocado, and 2 tbsps. On olive oil together and the disaster began. 

Firstly it smelled horrendous. I love olive oil, and its smell, and I love avocados and their fragrance, the two mixed together? Not so much. Secondly, I hate touching squishy foods to I should have known I wasn’t going to have fun the minute I looked at the combination. But the thing that surprised me the most was how dry and tangled my hair got while applying the concoction. I thought that the oil, and creamy texture of the avocados would have made the application process feel similar to applying conditioner, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. 

I first tried applying it to wet hair, but then when I realized that I was ripping out more hair than salvaging, I dampened it with a spray bottle, but it still felt brittle and like it was going to all break off it I kept touching it. I tried to comb it through, that was both painful and scary, but I had already started to when it was all one I wrapped my hair in a plastic bag and let it sit for 30 minutes. I hoped that it would soften up by the time I rinsed it out. 

but it didn’t, when I rinsed it, it felt like my hair does after using a really strong shampoo, for any blondes out there picture the stripped feeling that purple shampoo leaves on your hair, and it wasn’t until I put so much conditioner I was convinced it would never rinse out did my hair finally start to feel soft and silky again. when I was drying my hair I did my usual Moroccan oil routine, but noticed that I actually needed more than I usually do, and my hair was frizzier than it gets on a humid summers day, and I had to apply extra Moroccan oil, and plat my hair in order to de frizz it. Not to mention my hair also looked extremely dull.

So no, kids don’t use food in your hair, at least not that combination. I was extremely disappointed with the results, and even though I was using all natural products, I feel like I ended up losing more hair than I salvaged today. This experiment was a fail, and I’m officially turned off to natural homemade hair masks. I think I will go back to my store bought chemical ones now. If you have any tips, or suggestions as to what I may have done wrong, or agree, or try this out and have different results I would love to hear. You know what the worst part is? I wasted a perfectly ripe avocado that could have been made into a nice guacamole on my hair.


I Dream of Shoes!

I have no time today to think write a very good blog today so I decided to just post a picture of shoes, because what says Monday like a dream closet filled with shoes? Let us relish in our dreams while I do boring work all night.


What Not to do While Hosting a Family Gathering

It family day long weekend here in the GTA, and with that, perhaps comes quite a few family gatherings. Or not I mean a lot of people chose to spend family day weekend without their family, which is arguably the better option. But seeing as it is my birthday week, and I have and will continue to see family this weekend, I thought I would give you just a few tips on what not to do when hosting family, or anyone for that matter.

1) Don’t wait until the very last minute to get ready, I know it’s your house but it’s always awkward when you still have wet hair and the family has already started to arrive.

2) Don’t give your lactose intolerant uncle hot chocolate made with real milk, and if you do, make sure you hide it really well.

3) Don’t accidently hit that same uncle in the head after trying to thank him for the birthday gift. Nothing says Thanks like a good blow to the head. 

4) Avoid ignorant comments about anything around your smarter than you cousin.

5) Don’t wait until half an hour before everyone is leaving to bring out the snacks.

Now you may ask how I know you should not do all these things when hosting a family gathering. Well the answer to that is simply because I have done every single one of these things before. Okay so I did them tonight, so trust me, and just avoid these things at all costs! Hope this helps!

Beauty Review:: NYX Eyeshadow Bases

Since completing the Urban Decay Naked palette set, I have recently been watching a lot of tutorials on the second and third palette especially, just to get ideas on what to do with them, and see what others are up to in the world of eye shadow these days. I was really surprised to see how many people were using NYX large eye shadow pencils, and their based for most of the Naked looks. 

I’ve never really used any NYX products to be completely honest, but from what I could see in the tutorials, the bases seemed to be decent assets to the looks that people were doing. So I brought it upon myself to seek out the pencils for myself and see how beneficial they are to any makeup look. I figured, well if that’s what these girls are using, and their makeup is turning out so good, I might as well give it a shot as well

So to target I went and I picked up two eye shadow pencils in the colours 611 yogurt, and 601 black bean, as well as their white eye shadow base in the pot. I got the black simply because I watched one really smoky eye tutorial and thought it would be a good way of making sure the black eye shadow didn’t separate on the eyelid too much, I bought the white because the white was the most used eye shadow primer used in the tutorials, and the beige “yogurt” one because I figured well I’m getting these, why not one more? And since when I think of neutral looks I think beige, it made a lot of sense in my head. My budget wasn’t too happy with me though.


Anyways, I went home and tried out the white and the beige, and while the looks that I tried out did look nice, I didn’t really see much of a difference than when I used just a normal primer. The white was nice, especially with the Naked three because it really allowed the true colour of the eye shadows to show rather than the colour mixed with my skin colour. And the beige just made me use less eye shadow because I already had that colour base on my eyelid. 

Do I think using these bases is necessary, and that you have to spend the money on them in order to get really nice results? No, I don’t think they’re something you need, especially if you’re the type of person who doesn’t wear too much makeup to begin with. Do I think they do have some benefit to your makeup look, and are a nice extra asset? Yes, I mean it’s always nice to have a base under any eye shadow, it makes it last longer it’s easier to blend, and for some looks like the black smoky eye, I think it will help prevent a lot of fall out and allow you to use less shadow. 

All in all if you’re like me and you like trying out new looks and think you will use eye shadow bases and make the time to do that extra step, by all means go for it, it really hurts nothing more than your bank account (actually, they’re only $5.99, the pencils so it’s not too bad). But for anyone else out there, it’s not really a necessary step for day to day looks, and I think you can achieve just as good results without the bases as you can with, it just comes down to preference really.

How To:: Waiting for Admission Acceptances

So it’s just about that time where high school students all around the world are waiting to hear back from the colleges and universities that they applied to this winter. All your friends are slowly starting to get their acceptances and it feels like you’re the only one who hasn’t heard anything yet. It’s not so much that you haven’t gotten in, it’s just the wondering of will I get in? Do I need to start re planning my year next fall? Or am I going to get to go to my dream school? Or any school for that matter? It’s a stressful time and everything except keeping up your marks is out of your control. But it doesn’t make the waiting game any easier on you. So I thought of a few things to do in the meantime while waiting to hear back from the schools you have applied to.

1) Check the website every single day
2) Cry a little inside when there’s still no answer
3) Cheer a little inside knowing that at least you’re not rejected yet
4) Write a blog about how your waiting
5) Tell all your friends how happy you are that they got into their program of choice in the hopes karma will be good to you for being a good sport
6) Pretend you don’t care
7) Eat a tub of ice cream because you do care
8) Watch gossip girl, none of them ended up in college/ university and they turned out all right
9) Realize that most of them came from rich families so it didn’t really matter if they went to school or not
10) Cry on the outside
11) Pray to the admissions gods
12) Read books about people who got into university despite having terrible marks for hope for yourself
13) Remember it’s okay if you don’t get in
14) Make a backup plan just in case
15) Go shopping and spend the money you should be saving for all those school loans you will be paying if you get in, because it makes you feel better
16) Watch YouTube videos and decide fuck it you’ll just be a famous you tuber
17) Check the online thing again
18) Stop checking online, a watched pot never boils after all
19) Freak out a little bit again
20) Now calm down, most schools send acceptances far into the April and May months, there’s loads of time to be accepted… or not…. but let’s not think that way

White Collar, Suits, Real World, and all Tv in Between

This past week I have newly become obsessed with the show White Collar, and it’s not just because I’m deeply in love with matt Bomer. I would in a roundabout way compare the show to suits in that the context that a man of high status in his field of work takes on the assistance of a younger, smarter version of himself. I’m really sad to hear though that White Collar might not be signed on for a 6th season, and while I’m currently only on season 3 I still have a while before that would personally affect me, I’m still concerned never the less.

Suits doesn’t premiere until mid-march which is killing me because I have been waiting to find out what happens since the finale in September, so I sought out white collar in order to fill the void until suits returned. I couldn’t quite tell you if I like one better than the other, they are so different in terms of plot after all, but I was surprisingly impressed with White Collar.

I’m not typically the type to get into a show about art forgery, and the FBI, but the script is so witty and captivating, it’s hard not to love the show (and Matt Bomer). So I really, sincerely hope that they keep the show going at least for one more season. These short 13-16 episode seasons of shows just aren’t cutting it for me, I’m always left craving for more. 

While on the subject of things I don’t like about the way TV runs their seasons lately, I thought I should comment quickly on Real World, and its ridiculous Mid-season break. 

Now like I’ve mentioned previously, I’m still not a fan of the way that mtv has run their reason this year, it’s just too scripted, too dramatic, and really just not very good. However being the hypocrite that I am, I still continue to watch the show, and for a while it seemed as though the show had potential to redeem itself, but since the Exes moved in I think the drama has just gotten worse and it’s not even a funny kind of bad, it’s just plain bad. But the worst part is that this week the show didn’t air a new episode, which is fine, happens quite often in television. It’s just that I really don’t understand why they feel the need to name it a mid-season break!

I remember the days when this “mid-season” concept was never heard of, often times they might show a re run on some weeks, for whatever the reason may be, but these mid-season finales, and one week breaks are just ridiculous. Just show a re-run and move on with it. Not the mention that the rest of the season looks absolutely horrible and filled with Sammy and Ronnie from the Jersey Shore relationship fights. 

It looks like far more physical violence, and screaming than I care to watch, and the show that once had a cool concept, is now turning into a poorly scripted version of cops. I don’t know exactly what’s going to happen, or how the rest of the season is going to pan out, but I can’t say that I really care anymore. I probably will still watch it but it will be more so out of having nothing else to watch, than anything else.